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Robert W. McKie

The «Gentle giant» of the audiophile world

As a tribute to Rob he is our first friend to be introduced on our website. Beautiful people stay alive in our memories...
Rob, who passed away in 1999, has been a great inspiration for many of us and for the audio industry. Rob had considered founding Mutine with Pascal from the start-up, but some issues in his personal life kept him postponing this decision; not long before he left this world, he was ready to join Mutine’s team.

For all those who might not have had the chance to know Rob, he was first the engineer responsible for the whole CBC transmission network for Canada. As a genuine and passionate audiophile Rob had created his own highly specialized audio shop in Montreal. Fidélité Son Audio (FSA) was located in his Montreal West residence. At the time in the mid 80’s, FSA sold brands such as the famous and affordable Spica speakers manufactured in Santa Fe, the Swedish QLN speakers, PS Audio Meitner Audio electronics. He was in fact a close collaborator of Ed Meitner in the development of the Meitner Audio and Museatex brands.

Rob’s listening room was nicknamed the «Audio Chapel», with good reason. The ambiance inspired respect and contemplation. And six foot six Rob had the aura of a Buddhist or Benedictine monk: incredibly gentle with a calm and comforting voice.

Rob was never «selling» anything. He was in fact the salesman antithesis. He had for mission to maximize the sound system of each one of his clients, scrupulously respecting their resources. Each visit to Rob’s was a pilgrimage. We knew that we would always come out of this chapel more informed if not a little illuminated.

Rob would always find a way to help everyone move forward on the nirvana sound path. He would often lend a client a piece of equipment for months, until the client was able to gather the funds to purchase the desired gear. Rob would never hesitate to go to one of his clients even if it was just for a minor adjustment. He always rejoiced himself when he was able to improve one of his client’s system no matter what the increment level was.

Rob met with Pascal Ravach of Mutine at the Chicago CES in June of 1989. Pascal was presenting for the first time in North America the Vecteur products. Rob and Pascal shared the same philosophy and immediately became friends. A friendship that would never die. Even today, many years after Rob’s departure he is still very much alive in our minds.

Thank you Rob.

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Musical inspiration

The first music that comes to mind when we think of Rob is Alina created by Arvo Pärt, on the ECM label.

Nothing could better describe Rob, than this remarkable CD filled with such calm and serenity, just like him.

Arvo Pärt

Vladimir Spivakov violin
Sergev Bezrodny piano
Alexander Malter piano
Dietmar Schwalke cello

Recorded in July 1995
ECM New Series 1591

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