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We will add to this page the most frequent questions. Thanks to read this FAQ before contacting us!


Why did the price of Mutine products raise in the Usa over the years?

- Not for the reason often seen with good products receiving gorgeous reviews ("...if it is that good, we could charge more!"). We have established a solid reputation of being obsessed with "value for money" products, but, as everyone is way too aware of, the US dollar has lost so much of its value that price adaptation was needed.

For how many years will my Mutine product be repairable?

- As long as we have acces to the original parts, since our products are built to last. Contrary to certain service centers, we refuse to mess up with parts whose equivalence is not certified; in High Fidelity, every detail is critical.
Just to take Audiomat as an example, the first products, built more than twenty years ago, are still repairable today... even if they rarely need it!

My Mutine product was delivered without a power cord; why?

- We offered the Mutine MPC Power Cord (selected amongst many candidates during listening sessions) with our mid and high end products, because the chosen cable and Hubbell plug proved way better than the original cords delivered by the manufacturers; it was not a high-end cord, but it surpassed many reputed cords for the musicality, and at least the result was not impairing too much the products' sonic potential.
Since my semi-retirement, I don't have the time to build those cables, and I refuse, for most of my products, to include the original cord since it is so much blocking the potential of the products.
Of course, the actinote CS, CS Plus and CS Signature power cords are way superior, and bring a big improvement in all areas.

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How much improvement might I get from an upgrade to the actinote cables?

- Quite an improvement; the key achievement of the actinote is the addition of qualities rarely found together on other brands, like texture, substance, musicality plus the usual audiophile qualities like resolution, imaging, transients, decays, timbre and dynamics.
We are too often sad to hear systems based on our components sounding way below their musicality potential because of "artificial" sounding cables.

Which mode do you prefer: balanced or unbalanced ?

Since twenty years, when testing these two modes, we prefer unbalanced connections for their musicality (fruitfullness, density, timbres, homogeinity), while the balanced connections offer better bass control (sometimes drier), more air and subtler trebbles. To resume things: musicality vs performances. But be warned: this is only valid "all things being identical", from the connectors used (and this never happens, by very definition) to the boards' design and the whole system's behave!

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Why are most models not upgradable?

- Audiomat releases a new model after years of development, sometimes as long as 12 years! In the meantime, most of the upgrade in performance is achieved with many details in the whole design; the cost of labor to bring those upgrades to an existing model would be way too high to justify it.

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Which digital-specific cord do you suggest for my CEC transport?

- The actinote NB (unbalanced) or NXB (balanced).
Please read the actinote section for an explanation of the sonic difference between those two modes.

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- No FAQ for the moment.

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- No FAQ for the moment.

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March 2, 2009