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CEC TL3N Mutine Edition

The improved version of a great Classic

- You take the famous TL51X.
- You add a dual-belt mechanism, like on the top-of-the-line TL0X.
- You keep the line supply.
- You improve a couple other things here and there.
Result: a transport establishing - once again - the musical standard in its price bracket for the next decade!
Break-in for 300 hours, let on to keep it warm... and enjoy!
The TL3N is new; for insights, just refer to the TL51X reviews for the moment, it will give you a taste of the baby...

Mutine Edition

The puck deliverd by the factory is good, but is far from extracting the drive's full potential; in the past, Mutine used to suggest disk stabilizers. For the TL3N, we have decided to offer it only with the TL1N's puck.
This puck is totally compatible with the suspension and the tray, covers the whole disk surface, damps the vibrations, improves the inertia and valtly improves the performances.