- Why did you not reply to my email?
For new contacts, I reply only to emails containing the full name and address of the sender.
My time is as precious as yours, hence I don't have any for people staying anonymous... a harmonious relationship begins with trust both ways. I am known, since 1979, for never harassing my customers.

- How can I listen to Mutine's products?
By taking an appointment, quite simply. If you live far away from the Laurentian area, and are willing to travel to us, a guest suite is awaiting you. Some customers spent the whole week-end with us!

- How can I order a Mutine product?
Simply email us with your full information, your requirements, and ideally a description of your system and your acoustics.
I will let you know if the item is in stock, otherwise the delays, and my opinion, if I know your components, about their matching.

- As a distant customer, how can I pay?
The payment is made while ordering, after a confirmation about delays.
Several methods are available.
- The most used: a wire transfer. It is cheap, the change rate is better, and it is fast (3 business days).
- Payment by credit card; we use Square, hence we charge an extra 3,4%. The verification delay is 2 business days.
- Mailing a certified cheque (bank draft).
Please note: payments by email are not yet available for incorporated companies..