Audiomat - Products list

I will gradually add pages with the technical data, since Audiomat does not have an official site.

Present models

Phono preamplifier

CD & Sacd transport

Discontinued models

Phono preamplifiers

  • Phono 1
  • Phono 1.5
  • Phono 1.6
  • Phono 1.7

Integrated amplifiers (*)

  • Arpège
  • Arpège Référence
  • Prélude
  • Prélude Référence Mk1/Mk2
  • Prélude Référence 20
  • Opéra
  • Opéra Référence
  • Solfège
  • Solfège Référence Mk1/Mk2
  • Concerto
  • Récital


  • Opus
  • Opus 2

Power amplifiers

  • Duo
  • Festival

CD & Sacd transport

  • D1 Drive


  • Tango 1
  • Tango 2
  • Tango 2.5
  • Tempo 1
  • Tempo 2
  • Tempo 2.5
  • Tempo 2.6
  • Tempo 2.7
  • Tempo 2.8
  • Tempo 3
  • Maestro
  • Maestro 2
  • Maestro (2) Référence
  • Maestro 3
  • Maestro 3 Référence

(*) Two models are not mentioned here: the Alpha, which was produced at such a compressed cost that it was reserved for the local market, and the Adagio, which was designed to meet a very precise demand from the French network, an integrated amplifier with a very "tube" sound like the first Opera, to adapt it to loudspeakers whose treble is a bit insistent.

(**) This model is not manufactured anymore, and will not be replaced.

The enormous worldwide increase in the cost of components does not allow Audiomat to continue their production without making losses or significantly increasing their price, bringing them closer to the superior models.

Important warning: Audiomat sticking to the terms of the musical lexicon, has often re-used the same name when a new model is released.

These sometimes have nothing in common, and the ranges sometimes overlap.

Example: the Prélude are the models above the Arpège ... but an Arpège Référence 10, the last generation, is superior to a Prélude of 1987.

For DACs, even if the obsession of audiophiles with the "chips" used masks the fact that "everything else" is fundamental to the final result, the technological evolution of these chips means that a last generation Tempo 2.9 is not only superior to a "Tempo 3", but even globally superior to a first generation Maestro Reference.

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