Audio Zendo

Composition: James Duhamel

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Being by nature a contemplative person, in 2007 I created the concept of Audio Zendo.

I only gave this label to a few resellers (not all "meditative", by the way!) united by a passion for music before technique.

Here, my first Zendo in Montreal.

There were four in Canada, and two in the USA.

Here the most beautiful, and the most "zen", in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2008, when I took my semi-retirement, I then gradually closed my network, keeping only my own Zendo in the Laurentian.

Discover the Audio Zendo brochure.

sixmoons also published a report in 2007.

Albert Simon, from UHF Magazine, wrote this on the Audio Zendo:

"What an excellent idea to raise people's interest for the meditative dimension of the home music listening.

Everything, in the brochure, speaks about the extreme passion and inner concentration experienced by the Audio Zendo people and by true audiophiles, this being rarely understood by their relatives.

It will no more be possible to call High-Fidelity reproduction a "hobby" or simple leasure (those qualifications distress me) after having read this brochure."

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