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A. & J. C., QC, Canada

actinote Sonata, Audiomat D1 Drive Mk2, Maestro 3 Référence, SoφoS stereo preamplifier, SoφoS dual mono amplifier, Duevel Sirius Beryllium Piano Black Laquer, partially DIY audio rack.

"It is thanks to you, my friend, that Josée and I can decompress by listening to music that sounds superb in a different way. Thank you Pascal."

D. & F. P., ON, Canada

actinote Aria, Sonata-EVO II, Audiomat Phono 1.6, D1 Drive, Maestro 4 Référence, SoφoS stereo preamplifier, SoφoS dual mono amplifier, Duevel Sirius, Mutine Audio Rack, Linn Sondek LP12, Zeta arm, Sumiko Pearl Wood, Moss/Hercules power supply.

"Our Audiomat/Duevel setup is addictive, we are unable to live without it.
We have to listen to music every day... and during week-ends its "party time"!

D. C., QC/ON, Canada

actinote M & N, Audiomat Maestro Référence, SoφoS stereo preamplifier, SoφoS dual mono amplifier, CEC TL3N Mutine Edition, Duevel Bella Luna Macassar/Black, Mutine Audio Rack.

"The naturalness of the reproduction is exceptional"

actinote Aria, Audiomat Phono 1.5, D1 Drive Mk2, Maestro 3, Solfège Référence 20, Duevel Sirius Graphite Black, Amazon Model 3/RS-A1/Benz Micro MC3, Clearaudio Concept MC, Bluesound Node 2i.

P. C., VT, USA

For 20 years now, Pascal’s systems have transcended time and taken me to the live venues of the beloved recordings and moments in my life.
Upon my first audition it became about the music again.

K.A., ON, Canada

actinote Aria, Audiomat Phono 1.7, Tempo 2.9, Aria, Bluesound Node, Clearaudio Concept/Satisfy/Concept MC, Smart Power Supply 12V, Duevel Venus Glossy Black, Samsung TV The Frame.

"I have been moving my system towards Mutine-Fi over the years. It has a lovely open and dynamic Live Jazz Studio sound. My wife often says to me; "Are they playing in the condo?" "

T.E., QC, Canada

actinote Aria, Audiomat Phono 1.7, Maestro 3, Aria, Capriccio Continuo... Admonitor, Well Tempered Amadeus GTAa/BPS/Charisma Signature One, 

Mac Mini, UpTone MMK & JS-2, IsoREGEN, UltraCap LPS 1.2, Topaz 15KVA, IsoClean 106, Inouye, Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB, Codia Diagon Stage 3000.

Avec l'ajout des trois Audiomat, je suis revenu à l'écoute comme je le faisais dans mon adolescence - c'est-à-dire écouter de la musique, pas des différences de son hi-fi. C'est un grand soulagement. Un plaisir particulier est d'écouter tard dans la nuit. Même avec le volume très bas, pour ne pas déranger mes voisins, je peux apprécier une prestation.

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