Duevel Bella Luna "Acrylic"

The new option for this "classic"

Recently, the Bella Luna have received a new "more efficient" boomer, and can be ordered, optionally, with Acrylic horns, machined in massive blocs and hand-ploished; the first listening sessions will take place in June, after some break-in.

Manufacturer's site

Audiomat Tempo 2.8 Ethernet

A performing but affordable DAC

For the owners of Audiomat amplifiers, like the Arpège Référence 10.and the Aria, even the Opéra Référence 12 (but this one deserves the Maestro 3), this DAC allows the listener to discover the real qualities these amplifiers are capable of!

The Audiomat models

actinote CS Sonata

A new reference power cord

actinote took more than 10 years to release their new reference power cord... here is, at last, the best partner for quality electronics.

More info (in French)

Review (in French)

bookBlue Moon Award

For the Audiomat Opéra Référence, reviewed by Paul Candy.

badgePrestige Haute-Fidélité Award

For the Duevel bella Luna.