The most sophisticated vitration interfaces

It took me a long time to adopt again this kind of products... the extreme quality of Hifistay devices convinced me!.

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Duevel Bella Luna 2019 & Acrylic

The new option for this "classic"

Recently, the Bella Luna have received a more efficient boomer, a new crossover, a new tuning; listening sessions showed that now they are at last easy to match, and gained even more beautiful timbre and an even more expressive medium.
As an option, they can be ordered with Acrylic horns, machined in massive blocs and hand-polished. This offers a slight gain in transparency, but the main difference is mostly visual.

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Audiomat Sođťś‘os

World Premiere (as they say :D)

After an endless waiting, I finally received the Audiomat preaamplifier and amplifier, named Sophos, which are written Soφos preamplifier and Soφos dual mono amplifier.
The amplifier weighs 67 lb, with its two huge power transformers; the preamplifier has a very advanced technology, and a very useful display. .
I finish the break-in in a few days, then then listening sessions will take place!
I will publish in January the results, as well as the beautiful photos I took in studio.
Click on the link below to discover them at the end of the photo gallery:

The Audiomat line

bookBlue Moon Award

For the Audiomat Opéra Référence, reviewed by Paul Candy.

badgePrestige Haute-Fidélité Award

For the Duevel bella Luna.