Qobuz in Canada, and a special offer...


As you all know, I have been recommending Qobuz over any other streaming service since 2019, the year I was able to start our European subscription, as I had discovered the superior musicality of their high resolution offer compared to their competitors, appreciated their vast classical and jazz catalogue, as well as their interesting editorial content.

The obvious problem being that Qobuz was only available in Europe, then in the US; but at least my customers living between Canada and these two areas could validate my choice and enjoy it.

Well, Qobuz is finally available in Canada!

Being resellers for Bluesound and NAD, we received a nice email: Lenbrook has partnered with Qobuz to offer a 60-day free trial of the service.

As for Mutine, this is the perfect opportunity to offer our affordable system to take full advantage of the musicality of Qobuz :) 

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