Recommended albums


I relaunched my list of recommended albums.

I could have made a "copy-paste" of one of my "playlist"... it will be for the future.
This time, I preferred to be more selective, even if it meant showing very few albums at the beginning.

To avoid any redundancy with the selections offered by others, I have chosen to feed this page with records that meet two very specific criteria:

- musical content that seems interesting to me;

- at least one very high level audiophile parameter, doing justice to our systems.

Some of these records are out of stock, but I've included them after seeing that my friends and customers still manage to find them at used record stores or online.

Here you will find a selection of existing albums in CD, LP, streaming format, without further details.

Contrary to what the supporters of each format often think, the three techniques allow for wonderful experiences... provided you have systems that will seek musicality.

It's common for one of the three versions to be more valuable, but I've often avoided the choice trap, because even within each technique, pressings and remasters vary wildly. At the performance level of the systems we live with, this variation in source quality is a reality...

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