So many news at Mutine!


Dear friends,

The last years have been even busier than before... and the fact I share my life between Quebec and Asia means my schedule here is pretty overbooked 🙂.

Mutine has experienced success with new products, listening sessions were endless...

So much than I never had the time to publish about all the new products received, tested and adopted since 2019!

For those of you lucky enough to be able to visit, some of these are old news, but for the others, I resume it here:


… I sold my 5.1 high end system ages ago, replacing it with an Audiomat integrated and a pair of Duevel; “2.0” on a great system pleased me more than less optimally implemented multi-channels; but when we created the “Mutine Productions” recording studio - now named Tone Studio - with James, long time ago, his mastering of spatial positioning made a lasting impression on me, and I kept dreaming of that possibility in our homes.

So, a few years ago the introduction of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X meant experiencing a real sound objects positioning system was now possible; I studied the best approaches for 2 years, selected “point source” coincident speakers as the most sensible choice, found the NAD T778 to be very musical, complete and affordable, and set a system with a 4K blu-ray, a 8K flat screen… and actinote cables 🙂.

The result, endorsed by owners of six figures systems, is a real “bubble” of sound around us, natural, seamless and mostly… musical!

I carefully set “timbre matching” (already an obsession 20 years ago, and the reason I despise so much the “traditional” approach for HT), so this system is also interesting for pure musical sessions!

No, it will not "replace stereo”… for many reasons too long to explain here, but worthy of a chat when you visit my location; still, it opens an interesting world for the future.


... keep beating expensive brands.

I launched the first batches, the first customers adopted them, and everyone is extremely happy with the results!

I have also decided to compare them to the - supposed - best rack available:


... is still the best vibration control devices brand for me; everything they create improves our systems by a very wide margin; so I took the plunge, ordered and received their Mythology Transform rack; the price is superlative (one level rack costs 50% more than my own racks accommodating six components!); the build quality is spectacular... as usual with them; listening sessions will follow.

As for the Ballerino and Stella, the tests confirm the huge improvement they bring to the speakers; the Gyrotension improve turntables, the HardPoint Trinia are the best devices under high-end electronics, the Dharma sounded better than much more expensive LP stabilizers, and  the Soft Jelly are the affordable do-it-all...
I will publish more detailed information next month.


… has found at Mutine it’s best home! I have several turntables in permanent demonstrations, from the entry-level Concept to the Performance DC to the Innovation, with 3 radial and 2 tangential arms, 5 cartridges and two special power supplies.

Look and sound… that brand has recently undergone quite a positive transformation!


... continues its new trend of reference cables! Above the Sonata-EVO II, with their natural cotton fabric, the new Sinfonia reaches the podium; very likely the absolute best cables available today; very expensive (unusual with actinote), but a worthy addition to top systems (Maestro 4 Référence, Sophos, Sirius Beryllium, to name a few).


... has released the last generation of Maestro DACs: the Maestro 4 and the Maestro 4 Référence; once again, "another world"... timbres have spectacular beauty, amongst many other improvements.
And I just received the new Phono 1.7 Mk2, listening sessions will begin after the usual break-in.


... continues to surprise with the MS500 Media Center... to date, the only server sounding the same as a D1 Mk2 with ripped CDs... and of course opening a whole world with high resolution files; it was compared against reputed brands, and each time sounded more natural, open and lively.

I selected Audirvana Studio and Qobuz... a very convincing musicality!


… will come back to life!

I was supposed to manufacture éQuation in Québec just before my semi-retirement in 2008, but the discovery of Duevel led Christian, then me to abandon éQuation.

For those very few not converted to Duevel and it’s exceptional approach to omnis, we will release just two models; the Point Source, replacing the famous 7s; and the Gaya II; stay tuned.

Speaking of which…


… keeps amazing me 🙂!

The latest Bella Luna (I call them Generation 4), from the end of 2019, have radically changed, becoming very easy to drive, even more performing and very musical!

Partnered with an Audiomat Aria, this is a very reasonable entry in the world of high end.

And the Sirius Beryllium… reaches new heights every day while I improve everything else in the system. Still my best reference speaker to date!


At last… 33 years after the beginning of my adventure with Audiomat, I found a brand offering amplification that I can listen to without getting bored immediately, and without costing the price of a house! 

Once again, as for Hifistay, Christian’s suggestion was correct; my “old Pal” (we are involved with éQuation and actinote since the 90s!) and I share a very similar feeling when it comes to listening preferences… 

To answer the expected questions, no, they don’t replace Audiomat, whose magic remains unique; but they possess their own set of qualities, and this new entry in the Mutine world is ideal for those

- without A/C in hot climates (the power amplifier becomes lukewarm, never more);

- without space (these babies are really tiny and cute);

- with a high sensitiveness to design (they are simply gorgeous, and come in custom-padded Pelikan cases... Italian design at its best).

Since many years now, I repeat that the only decent alternative to tubes will be Class D; in my auditoriums, Bluesound and NAD prove that affordable products with that technology can sound really musical (and the NAD M33 with it’s Purifi circuits is still my favourite for an « all-in-one »); the AGD, with their GaN transistors, and Alberto's unique expertise, push Class D to new heights.
I just started with the « entry level » models (this is high end after all, so "entry" is relative…), the Alto preamplifier and the Tempo amplifier… they drive the Sirius Beryllium like a charm 🙂.

The Alto includes a MM/MC phono preamplifier, I will test it soon.

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