The new Media Note is here!


The Media Note MS-600 has arrived, its breaking-in completed.

My reference system has been listened to by several customers who themselves own my best systems; the comments are unanimous: exceptional naturalness, breathtaking performance, touching listening, simultaneous presence and image... and no listening fatigue.

A quick reminder: I've spent 15 years listening to numerous servers, streamers, media centres... including a few 'world references'... when I received and tested the Media Note MS-500 in 2020, it immediately took the lead with the exceptional naturalness of its timbres, even surpassing the Audiomat D1 Drive CD/SACD player, the previous 'Gold standard' (according to a well-known journalist who owns one of these top-of-the-range streamers...).

It has even been 'copied'... and never equalled :)

The MS-600 includes a quad-rails power supply (19 lb!), XLR and RCA digital outputs, and I always recommend Audirvana Studio and Qobuz (which is finally available in Canada, at a very reasonable price...).

As with some of my manufacturers, marketing is zero... Erik, the founder of Media Note, isn't even interested!

For those who listen more than they read... you are cordially invited to bring your reference server for comparison.

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