AGD Audion & Vivace


AGD continues to impress...

I received the Audion MkIII and Vivace MkIII mono-blocs, joining the Alto and Tempo in permanent demonstration.

These jewels continue to receive the recognition they deserve, as expressed by two "out of the ordinary" reviews: Jay on the Audion, and Steve on the Alto Mk2 and Duet (note: the Alto Mk2 is not a "new version", but simply the Alto equipped with an internal streamer/DAC).

As for the Duet mono-blocs, they sit between the Audion and the Vivace, with a replaceable circuit inside, as for the Tempo and the Solo.

Mutine's auditoriums are the only places in North America where a permanent comparison is offered between AGD, a reference in Class D transistor electronics and Audiomat, a reference in Class A tube electronics... two performances "at the top"!

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