Audiomat ultimate versions...


As many of my regular customers know, I started distributing Audiomat in 1989 in several countries in Europe (35 years ago now!), then in North-America in 1997, then manufactured Audiomat amplifiers and phonos in Canada from 2000 to 2008; Audiomat and I have not only a strong professional relation, but a friendly one too.

In 2008, they told me that they would stop developing new models in 12-15 years to keep their time and energy for manufacturing.

Well, here we are; 2023 saw the last release of a new model with the Phono 1.7 Mk2, and all the versions are "final".

Each products has outperformed other brands's offers at the same budget when compared side by side, by a wide margin; new customers are encouraged to check this by themselves, by visiting us with their own electronics; everyday people re-discover that even ancien models still have a lot going on for them :)

After spending a lifetime searching for the absolute best, Audiomat now focuses on manufacturing exclusively.

The only thing that will change from now on is the unavoidable constant prices raises, as for anything these days unfortunately... inflation is a hard reality.

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