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A new CD Drive at Mutine... a first in a decade!


  • Informations about your next listening session at Mutine.
  • Updated the Installations page.
  • Added the Duevel page.


  • The article shows an example of custom colors available at Duevel.
  • Updated the Installations page.
  • Minor corrections.


I relaunched my list of recommended albums.

The article explains my philosophy about it.

A review was just published in France:
Maestro 4 - Vinyle&Audio (note: this is a really raw, basic translation of the original French review).


  • Added a system on the page showing some installations.
  • Minor corrections on the whole site.

I've added the individual pages for the current Audiomat products, with technical specifications.


  • Added the page with the list of Audiomat products.
  • Added the page with the release dates of models.
  • Minor corrections on the History page.


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