How to stay up-to-date with Mutine?


For a long time, my clients have been asking me how to be kept informed of my news.

Some avoid social networks, others forget to check.

I chose the oldest, simplest and most effective method: RSS feeds.

The fact is often ignored, but when for example someone subscribes to a podcast, it's an RSS feed that manages that!

On my Apple products, I have adopted a very pleasant and really affordable "Feeder": Reeder 5 (link to the macOS and iOS apps).

For Windows 11/10, I found here a few free RSS Reader in the Windows Store.

Just open and enter "" in the search window, the program immediately finds the RSS feed and offers to subscribe to it.

Each publication in my blog will then be automatically displayed by the RSS reader.

I suggest you program it to open the pages externally in your usual browser, for the best experience.

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