The expression is poorly chosen! Cables, furniture, vibration devices and more... these "accessories" often have a huge impact on the quality of our systems.

This page is dedicated to products that I do not sell but that I recommend (some for decades!).

Important clarification: none of these tips represent the "best" of what is possible; they are rather "introductions" to the importance of these improvements, affordable enough not to put off the novice... and nevertheless already very satisfactory even with high end systems like ours!

Short curtains
in our auditorium

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An important part of the result!

We could write a book just about this topic.

For this time, two practical mini-recommendations, tested on the 1450 rooms that my customers have improved in more than 40 years in Europe and North America. I'll add more tips over time...

To start:

- Floor damping: thick 100% wool carpet, at least between the speakers and the listening point.

- Damping on the walls: 100% cotton curtains, bended.

- Useful: Ikea sells these at very reasonable prices, but above all with labeling that ensures that there are no synthetic components added; I will do an article in the future on their impact on phase rotations.

Oyaide SWO-GX-Ultimo

Oyaide R0 & R1

Dedicated line and quality outlets

The first thing to do when you own your apartment or house, or when the owner agrees!

The investment is minimal, the difference is huge.
Two lines have an advantage (a line dedicated to amplifiers and their high current demand), but only if they are strictly identical, which is very difficult; personally, after hundreds of installations, I prefer a single line (which guarantees an identical "zero volt" for all devices, this is important), but in #10; therefore circuit breaker and 20A sockets, 30A cable, which minimizes voltage drops. If the dedicated line is very long between the panel and the outlets, consider #8 (40A).

One of my clients has adopted special wiring (Oyaide), why not... I stuck to "basic" wiring, but the experience is tempting...

For the outlets, I have my favorites since they appeared on the market a long time ago: the Oyaide from Japan.

My three favorites are:

- the SWO-GX-Ultimo (copper and gold), it has magnificent timbres, with incredible harmonic richness;

- the R1, the most transparent, but sometimes a little "thin";

- the R0, which represents an interesting compromise between the other two.

The choice also depends on the plugs fitted to our cables, in case of doubt it is necessary to try to have the same metals on both sides.

Some Furutech are interesting too, but like our actinote cables are - finally! - equipped with Oyaide plugs, the synergy between them and the wall outlets offers optimal performances.

Acoustic Revive RR-77

Zero Zone V2.0 FM763

Schumann pulse generators

Acoustic Revive was the first to popularize Schumann pulse generators... creating a magnetic micro-field that "reconnects" us to the earth's field (Wikipedia link).

Many contradictory debates, other proposed values,

disagreements; but it works, so...

I still have my first product, the Acoustic Revive RR-77, with an external power supply (yes, we add a layer of delirium to another layer of delirium, the "technofreaks" consider us good for the straightjacket, but the difference can be heard...).
Other models have followed this ancestor, I was able to test the RR-88, it is better.

Only flaw: these products, plus better external power supplies, are quite expensive, and so have discouraged many music lovers from trying them.

Very affordable kits are sometimes available on the net, with brands like Nobsound.

But here is a product I really like, because it is very reasonably priced (about 250 usd including shipping): the Zero Zone V2.0 FM763. I found mine on eBay (I know, I knoW).

It uses a tube (even more fun :D), and comes with its own external power supply.

Nothing exotic (seeing Bakelite under the power supply reminds me of my father's old tube Telefunken radio...), but it performs very well.

Several spare tubes are delivered, a nice touch, but personally with years of continuous use in my auditoriums I never worn out the tube.

The result is less precise than with the RRs, but the timbres are... warmer!

(This is where the skeptics go wild...they are, as always, cordially invited to come and experience it for themselves).

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