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As my long-term customers know, I rejected Class D for decades, but adopted it for entry- and mid-end products once the Hypex and subsequent even better modules were created; from the Bluesound Powernode Edge to the NAD M33, the results are now very performing... and musical!

Enough so to satisfy me - for their respective budget - while I'm blessed with Class-A tubes electronics!

But for high-end I was still unsatisfied; this until Christian of éQuation and actinote fame adopted them and convinced me to try AGD; reluctant as I was, it took me a year.

Oh my, was I right not to wait longer!

Alberto Guerra explains his philosophy here... I suggest you take the time to explore his website.

They arrived in superb custom-padded Pelikan boxes, including a custom-made power cord, 

a rare attention these days!

To begin my usual long-term testing of a brand new to me, and discover the optimum matching and tweaking, I have ordered the Alto preamplifier and the Tempo stereo amplifier; their break-in is finished, and the first results are stunning!

The Alto has a phono preamp, both for MM and MC cartridges, a remote control based on Apple's one, and a very nice display.

The way the minuscule Tempo can drive even my largest loudspeakers (the Duevel Sirius Beryllium), with their large boomer, and produce perfect macro-dynamics with such a sense of ease, elegance of the timbres, spatialization, is unexpected... these babies are really giving me my first real great moments with transistor amplification in 30 years...  a wonderful surprise!

I am so pleased that I plan to order the Vivace mono-blocs as soon as the large auditorium is finished.

All AGD electronics come with very nice massive aluminium feet, but replacing them with Hifistay devices improved these babies even further!

Soft Jelly is the affordable choice, a perfect choice for the Alto/Tempo combo; HardPoint Trinia takes them to stunning levels, I'll use them for the Alto/Vivace combo.

As with all my products, the AGD are in permanent demonstration in the auditoriums.

AGD logo...
reminded me something :)

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