Recommended albums

The Red Violin

John Corigliano

Genre: Film Music

Particularity: exceptional sound recording, superb strings.

Owning hundreds of classical recordings with strings, I find it ironic that this "soundtrack" became my reference... the colours of each violins group, the immense acoustics, the micro-dynamics (a "phrasé" reflecting the intimate moments in the movie), the macro-dynamics (perfectly suited to the dramatic moments)... and above all, the realism... a spellbinding album !

Foreign Affairs

Tom Waits

Genre: Rock, ballads

Particularity: recorded on a stereo tape recorder.

Recorded «live» with an orchestra in 1997, on a two tracks tape recorder, this soft, gloomy blues/jazz album filled with subtle melodies represents a interesting moment in the life of Tom Waits. He leaves behind his crooner country style to move to his his new style as revealed later with «Blue Valentine». For us the most interesting aspect of this album is the presence and realism of Tom's voice, it will give you goose bumps.

Misa Criolla

Ariel Ramirez

Genre: Latin, Classic, Folk, World

Special feature: realistic image, depth, realistic voices.

At first glance, a banal Philips album, already old... but one of those recordings that reveals its charms only on extremely natural systems. José Carreras's voice is splendid and perfectly adapted to the work, the choirs in the background are moving, and the famous drums are extraordinary revealing of what a realistic image can be!

Consort Music For Viols In Six Parts

John Jenkins

Hespèrion - Jordi Savall

Astrée (Auvidis) E 8724 [CD]

Astrée (Naïve) "Musica Britannica" ES 9962 [CD].

John Jenkins, English composer (1592-1678), played the lute and was a virtuoso upon the lyra viol.  Jordi Savall is here surrounded with highly talented musicians. The recording was set in a natural acoustic.

This record contains an element so basic yet now too rare in many recordings of ancient string instruments: wood…

With regards to the soundstage imaging, it could be better, but the harmonic richness of the violas (this famous wood sound), is such that many other recordings have a «plastic» sound by comparison. This harmonic palette covers a wide but homogeneous sound spectrum, all instruments being from the same era.

The Prosthetic Cubans

Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos

The New-Yorker guitarist Marc Ribot, who played with Elvis Costello and Tom Waits, recorded here a Cuban fusion album with a «garage» sound, in the good sense of the term. Direct, immediate, visceral, which reminds me of the best amateur recordings made with small and affordable Tascam recorders. The highlights here are presence, rhythm and drive, and also the feeling of being part of the band, because the recording respects many fundamental aspects of the phase.

Teodor Currentzis

Mozart - Requiem (MusicAeterna / New Siberian Singers)

A very interesting conductor

The "Requiem" was always my favourite creation from Mozart, I have quite a few versions; I still cherish, amongst others, the "Dutch school", with Philippe Herreweghe, on the label Harmonia Mundi, but Currentzis approach is an interesting alternative!

More "bold" than romantic, quite "daring" at times, it is nonetheless a fresh vision...

The "label" where I purchased this album and many others, Prestomusic, has interesting choices, in several musical genres, and in the 3 formats (LPs, CDs, downloads).

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