Mutine Audio Rack

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I was lucky to be involved "from the beginning" in the adventure of vibration managing devices in audio, in the 70s-80s.

It was in the Vecteur group that Yves-Bernard, observing the high dynamics of Pierre Lurné's unipivot arm, raised questions about the effect of the tip.

We went home and tested nails under our systems (mine at the time was: LP12, McIntosh, ESS Transar); clear audible improvements.

From there was born the first "cone", from Vecteur.

Since then, in 40 years, this area has seen the birth of hundreds of brands and objects...

In the early 2000s, having experimented with dozens of audio racks, including some from famous brands, I sometimes obtained real performance gains, sometimes gains in musicality, but not both... I decided to develop mine.

I'm slow, it took me 20 years to get there!

At first glance, nothing distinguishes it from countless other audio racks...

The difference is in the myriad of "details", discovered over the years, and applied with extreme manufacturing precision.

The result is there; my customers - some of whom owned very expensive racks from recognized brands - confirm to me that this one is "something else".

The production is artisanal, slow, and for the moment it is only available at Mutine headquarters, because the packaging has not yet been finalized; the typical weight for three levels is 65 kg!

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