To receive an answer from us

I took my semi-retirement in 2008 to focus on my house's building, including Mutine's headquarters.

But still, during all these years, Mutine took me much more time than expected, and my many travels didn't help either :)

As a result, since 2023 I answer only once per week, and only to serious requests by email with a full information, including the names, address, phone and a brief description of the request.

Since Mutine was founded in 1997, impatient customers have never finalized an order, while serious customers have always been patient... they share my philosophy of calm, thoughtful, long-term purchasing :)

Trolls being one of the plagues on the Internet for everyone, I never reply to anonymous emails... again, I have always found that an audiophile who distrusts a distributor in a field as innocent as audio does not deserve trust in return...

The plague of spams

Because of today's agressive marketing, our answer could end up in your spam box; please check.

Personnally, I never harrassed a customer in 42 years.

My old customers rather criticize me for not keeping them updated about the new releases... I hope that the new blog will satisfy that need!

Listening sessions

They take place during week-ends, on appointment only.

Two of the three auditoriums are already up and running.

They show all the products that I recommend, fully broken-in and pre-heated.

To learn more about my listening approach, you can read the page about my creation of the Audio Zendo concept in 2007, and my text written in 1982, The Art of Listening, still relevant today! 

Prices requests

I always offered the lowest possible price, to make the best quality accessible.

But the change rates instability and the explosion of shipping charges makes it impossible to calculate prices "in advance"; hence contact us only for a specific quotation, when you are ready to order soon.

A rough estimate can be provided during an exchange on several possible choices...

Products' orders

When you are ready to order, please let us know by email.

I will answer with the final price, and the approximative delivery date (even with the recent world events, in 2022 the discrepancies between what we announced and the final delivery date were never more than a month).

When accepted, our quotations are confirmed by a purchase order containing all the details; the order and the price are locked for a payment received within one week.

Dealers' requests

Since my semi-retirement, I closed my dealers' network in Canada and the US, it had more than a hundred dealers sometimes... but then only a few of them really shared the Mutine philosophy... some of them became the Audio Zendo.

Since then, I gradually removed the dealer margin, allowing me to offer the lowest prices amongst the legitimate distributors. As an example, an Audiomat Opéra Référence 12 sells for nearly the same price in 2023 than the old Opéra in 2007 ! This while manufacturer's prices never stopped going up, and while shipping charges are out of control... music lovers are very happy :)

The consequence is that there is no more "room" for a dealer margin without raising prices  for the end users.


Only products purchased new from Mutine are covered by the warranty.

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