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Two decades of patient development...

I was lucky enough to witness the 'birth' of vibration management devices in audio...

In the 70s, Vecteur adopted the Pierre Lurné Maximum turntable and its Lurné 1 arm, both unipivot, to create, with the help of designer Alain Carré, the 'famous' Vecteur turntable; around 40 units were built, and I own one.

Noticing the astonishing dynamics of the whole set, and wondering if the unipivot 'concept' explained it, one of the members proposed the idea of testing 'nails' under our systems (mine was made up of an LP12, McIntosh and ESS Transar 1)... the gain in dynamics was spectacular.

On this basis, Vecteur brought out the first 'cones'... a huge success.

Since then, experimenting with vibrations has been my daily routine; when I distributed the first Target tables in Switzerland, I tested... 120 shelves, from carbon fiber to honeycomb aluminium, ironwood, balsa, plastic and so on...

Vecteur brought out a 'tablet' with stainless steel pillars long before anyone else, too; a well-known magazine still uses them for its reference system...

Since I arrived in Canada in 1996, many manufacturers submitted their products to me; each time the gain in performance was obvious... but the musicality was affected.

So it took me a long time to be persuaded to try Hifistay.

When I received their products, the shock was real: every device I tried not only gave a huge gain in performance... but also improved musicality!

This being said, their catalogue is huge, so I limited my tests to a tenth of all possible versions!

Whether it's devices for speakers, electronics, turntables or cables, I suggest my customers to get in touch with me to get the best recommandations.

To sum up, my current choices are as follows:

- Soft Jelly for entry-level or mid-range systems, all uses;

- HardPoint TRINIA+ for high-end electronics;

- Ballerino and Stella for loudspeakers;

- Gyrotension for turntables;

- Dharma for LP stabilisation and case damping;

- Sound Wings and Sound Rest for cable suspension.

All in all, for me, Hifistay is simply an exceptional brand of vibration control devices, so I've also bought their Mythology Transform rack; the price is superlative, but the build quality is spectacular... as usual with them; extensive listening sessions will take place in the big auditorium as soon as it's finished.

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