Photography has also been my passion since the 80s, to the extent that several times I almost made it a "second job"; wedding photo, landscape, street, macro and micro-photo, abstract... many genres interest me :)

Owning studio lighting, I also produce images of my products (often for Audiomat), which I then see reproduced everywhere :)

Bathed in Ultraviolet Light, Single Flowers Glow with Radiant, Saturated Color

She exposes the beauty of flowers under UV light...

Author: Debora Lombardi

Wabi-Sabi or… “L’Oeuvre du Temps”

A post in 2019 on DearSusan (a French site in English, fascinating) where I shared my "broad spectrum" photographic approach to the Japanese concept of "Wabi-Sabi".

Author: Pascal Ravach

Thailand temples - « Undestination, destination… and undestination again »

Another post in 2022 on DearSusan, about a night ceremony in a temple in northern Thailand.

Author: Pascal Ravach

Beyond Macro... Micro!

Another post in 2023 on DearSusan, about capturing crystals evolutions with a microscope.

Author: Pascal Ravach

Light Painting

Many people practice this photographic art... but here is a master!

Author: Hannu Hutamo

Requiem for pianos

A very unique journey into abandoned pianos, from a photographer-pianist!

Author: Romain Thiery

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