I mention here books specialized in things related to hearing...
Hundreds of books cover this topic, but the ones presented here are a bit "special" :)

Why do Whales and Children Sing?

A Guide To Listening In Nature

David Dunn

The special interest of this book? As well as the subject itself, it comes with a CD of David's soundtracks; 40 tracks, each more interesting than the next. And the sounds of nature are an extraordinary reference for judging, precisely, the "naturalness" of our systems!

Capturing Sound

How Technology Has Changed Music, Revised Edition

Mark Katz

This one deals with an infrequent subject: the impact of technology on music and not the other way around!

In my edition, it came with a CD illustrating the subject; modernity obliges, the referred page gives access to downloadable files.

The Tao of Sound

Fabien Maman

Music therapy has a long history, with traces dating back several millennia. 

This book gives access to a new dimension in the art of therapy: vibratory medicine, also known as sound therapy. The author is a renowned musician with a long history of spiritual practice, as well as genuine scientific virtues - virtues which have led him to work with researchers from all over the world.

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