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Spring 2023: and affordable and stunning streaming system...

Since 1980 when I adopted the NAD 3020 until today, I always had a passion for affordable but very musical and still quite performing systems :)

As is the case with high-end systems, selecting good components is not enough, their optimization by a correct matching is vital... to a surprising degree.

In recent years, I have found my system of choice.

To help music lovers wanting to achieve this quality on a budget, Mutine offers a streaming based package at a special price... that has stunned even my customers owning top systems!

The components are:

  • Bluesound Powernode Edge
    (amplifier / streamer)
  • Duevel Planets Black or Anthracite
    (omnidirectional speakers)
  • actinote Mezzo-CS
    (power cord)
  • actinote Mezzo-LS-317
    (speaker cables)

A customer (Tyrone E.) owns a high-end system, and this is his experience:

“I went to visit the Mutine listening rooms to hear some Audiomat gear, but before we proceeded to the large listening room, Pascal diverted me to a small room with a simple looking little system in it. 

It was a Bluesound digital streamer / amp, a pair of Duevel Planets, connected with Actinote cables. 

When he turned the system on I was truly impressed by the excellent sound AND toe-tapping musicality pouring out of this setup; but when he told me the price, I was truly astounded. 

This turnkey system is an incredible value. This is the best affordable system I have heard anywhere near it’s cost. 

If you’re looking to move to a seriously satisfying home stereo system that sounds fantastic, is easy to use, and affordable; this is absolutely the system I would get without question.
The fact that it is available at a special price now just makes it even more of a no-brainer.

Like with other Mutine products I own, this is a system that will satisfy for years."

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