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In January 2008, I started a project that I had dreamed of for a long time.

I am building a very special house, in the Laurentian, North of Montreal.

I do 90% of the work myself, because I wanted it to involve bioenergy, solar heating, passive geothermal energy,  ecology, but offering a traditional and warm, human aspect.

It's a huge project, requiring a lot of exploration in areas that are still not widely mastered.

It was designed for Mutine above all: three auditoriums whose acoustics I calculated to the nearest centimeter, a fully equipped electronics workshop, a photo studio, a double garage for pallets, a large storage area, an office , a library... enough to receive my clients in exceptional listening comfort.

An auditorium, the guest suite and the workshop were completed in 2015.

The guest room was transformed into a second auditorium in 2019, as having too many listening sessions demanded it. The large auditorium was almost completed in 2018.

Since 2016 I have been living half the year in Southeast Asia, and each return sees me overwhelmed by the work for Mutine... not to mention the pandemic which put everything on hold for two years!

This is why I decided, in order to be able to complete the third auditorium in 2023, to limit listening to weekends.

What has never changed since my beginnings in 1979, and which I concretized with my creation of the Audio Zendo in 2007: the "Zen" approach to listening, with a total availability for the customers I accept.

"I also wanted to share my first experience with visiting Pascal / Mutine.

The trip was more like hanging out with an audio friend, and didn't feel "transactional" in the way many other visits to audio dealers have in the past.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend an in-person visit with Pascal if it's something you're able to arrange. 

My system has benefited greatly from his advice."

T.E., Montreal

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