White - Black rings

Galaxy - New model
above the Enterprise

Grey- Acrylic rings

Bella Luna


Sirius Beryllium

All the detailed informations, available finishes and many reviews, are on the Duevel website.

Several reviewers have purchased Duevel speakers after reviewing them, like Paul Candy after his review for Positive Feedback in 2017.

Duevel creates loudspeakers since decades, and in 1997 moved to omni-directional; they quickly became the reference for omnis, gaining Awards and glowing reviews in many countries.

For almost all those of my customers who have adopted Duevel since, it has become very difficult to return to non-omnis, seduced by the absence of the dreaded "sweet spot", the perfect tonal balance irrespective of the listening position, the similitude between their imaging and a live performance,  the feeling of being in a room where the musicians play...

Jim H., Merrillville, IN - Planets and Enterprise:

"Pascal, finding you as much as the Duevel has been really rewarding.  

I’m smitten with the Omni sound—hard to listen to regular forward firing speakers after the immersive sound of the Planets. They turn a regular 2 channel stereo recording into a whole new experience."

"Absolutely astounding sound—the Enterprise sound better than any speaker I own, even if you discount the immersive sound only an Omni can deliver. 

Every music lover on the planet should at least sample the sound with a pair of inexpensive Planets."

Tim F.,  Indianapolis, IN - Venus:

"My Venus are doing very well, and I am enjoying them so much. They fit right in to my goals for the entire system, and they work so well in my space."

Bill G., manufacturer of amplifiers - Bella Luna:

"I must say I'm extremely happy with the Bella Luna.

I find them to be very dynamic and never have I heard anything that could be listened to at very low volume levels and still get full information, unheard of. As well, they are very easy to listen to at higher levels and it's easy to converse at the same time. They are truly unique.

They work better than any of my other speakers. And now for the very best part: My wife likes them too!"

Danielle et Fabien P., Rockland, ON - Sirius:

"Our Audiomat/Duevel setup is addictive, we are unable to live without it.!"

Mutine installation in Manhattan, New York - Duevel Bella Luna, NAD M33, actinote

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