Special offers

This page presents discounted products, either demos from Mutine (these offers don't happen often, because my manufacturers don't oftent create new versions), either products sold baak by Mutine customers while purchasing a bigger or more recent model. .

Duevel Bella Luna

(Important note: March 31, pre-option by a customer for April; thanks to contact us in May to confirm availability)

Aluminium Brushed Graphite version, aluminium rods, matte black cones.

Offered at cad 9,900,00 (list price more than 14.000,00); plus shipping/insurance and taxes.

These are not demos, but new loudspeakers, barely unpacked and broken-in.

They are covered by the full 5 years warranty.

The offer happens because Duevel just told me they adopted a more efficient boomer.

I never felt a need for this, but I must anyway demonstrate the latest versions.